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anywhere and anywhen one is able to create one's own poetic diction pressing the buttoms of mobile phone  -  this is mobile-poem. this poem is mainly the poet's creation of any lonely moment. this poem has two chief features - the poet can write the poem in any situation and the poet can convey his poetic message at once to the reader. i wrote a series called ePoems namely in 1999-2000. there the poems were as short as sms. but those poems were imaginary. mobile had not been used, 
and it could not be conveyed to my reader at once. but now it can be realized, i can discuss it in the next issue. this issue consists of mainly some original mobile poems and many co-operative poems. these were written in the last rainy season. co-operative poems using mobile phones have a different spirit, different taste, as evident here: 


mobile poems by soumitra roy

mobile-poems :: 1

from the eyes of the fish sailing upstream the swamp 
rebounds the joy of being a lower class just like us. 
how to keep in mind that some other eyes hide 
themselves beside the wamp for an opportunity. still 
17 June 2006

mobile-poems:: 2

the wet crow an a post sitting with the smell of a dead 
fish in half shasow and half light. the wet cloud and 
its wet shadow under it, can not weaken the certainty 
and the solidity of the post, just as it can not prostrate 
the wet crow. it has its touch of life in its 
fixedness and stability.
17 June 2006


mobile-poem by soumitra roy & soutik hati

the dream of the koi-fish

every notch of the date-tree offers a koi-fish to search. 
the fish wanted to get near a cloud. 
a hightened dream. it soars much higher and comes to the end of my garment 
for receiving a gift. it thinks about the  depth of the water. 
the pungency of its vacant eyes co-exists with every notch of the date-tree.
19 June 2006


mobile-poem by subhashis gangopadhyay & soumitra roy

before the season of autumn

the vain has touched the hand in the depth of blue. 
the totality of the vapours are in the search of their wings. 
this shrabon that hawks poisonous abuses-gets thicker due of the hard wind. 
that hand holds a large amount of 
tall grass wiyh white flowers. 
before the season of autumn. 
it touches the paddy in the fields. due to the flood. 
the bites of the river. flows over the broken bridge....
21 July 2006


mobile-poems by rudra kinshuk & soumitra roy

rings in the rain

the kadam-tree is getting wet. the flight of a bird 
in its humidity. that flight makes me homeless. who 
knows the darkness where birds fly to. 
or in the light. the leaves of the tree receives 
the rain drops. it makes a strange but regulated 
rise and fall in the music-the music that strikes 
me through the window of this bus. 
no flute. of lord krishna. only melody.the darkness 
under the clouds. every leaf of  the kadam-tree gets it. 
every branch. due to the rainfall. due to the flight of 
birds. all these remain chaotic in the rain. in the 
sound. with the sound. the ants are supervising the 
skin of the tree. grass. earthworm. the earth due to 
earthworm. the conversations that are rent asunder - 
still rings in the rain. avoiding the noise of a bus - sound 
of  its horn-as if a scream- rings in the arrow of my heart. 
a sari- wet - torn-getting dry. getting sewed.

the harrowed land

i request you, simple bokul, 
to get wet in the simplicity of  the rain ceaselessly. 
i am only waiting for him. 
a palm leaf protects his head from the rain, 
a wooden rod in his hand. he just comes whenever he has a fancy for me. 
miry harrowed land - there he plays skipping with a rope. 
two bullocks. busy harrowing the land. 
two tails - they kill one of two flies or gnats. i see. i see his going away. 
still his departure brings some clouds for me.
 i am just a piece of fire in the heart of that cloud. 
just burn myself.

the entire section is translated by anupam mukhopadhyay 

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